ISM Incoming Material Station | Intelligent Storage Management

ISM Incoming Material Station

Intelligent Storage Management

JUKI’s ISM Incoming Material Station, an incoming goods desk with scanner, helps to automate the incoming goods process and boost productivity dramatically.

Incoming material is scanned and the data is automatically matched with the database of the existing Enterprise Resource Planning system. Simultaneously, a unique ID is created in the system to make every component truly “unique” and to deliver full traceability.

Only requirement: at least one ISM storage system (ISM UltraFlex 3600, ISM 2000, ISM 1100, ISM 500, ISM 400) – or several – including storage management systems software is already in use or will be used together with delivery & installation of the ISM Incoming Material Station from JUKI.

  • Flexibility: recognizes all standard barcodes
  • Traceability: unique ID can be validated easily at any time
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems: connected to multiple third party systems
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The system recognizes all standard barcodes thanks to a high-resolution camera replacing time-consuming teaching of the system. The flexible recognition rules can certainly be adopted to previously used barcodes to adopt the system to existing processes.


The Unique ID provides for easy identification and traceability of material in the production process – from storage to setup up to production. Thus, it can be validated easily at any time if material was produced, stored, transported, used or spent.

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Connecting to Third Party systems such as ERP, MES, Pick&Place etc. is supported. An automatic file share as well as the exchange of files via the software is also possible.


1,600 × 0,800 × 1,100 mm

101 kg


Power Consumption:
100 – 240V, lmax: 5A, Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz

Operating System:

Microsoft Win 7 and newer versions

Hardware (Standard):

ESD table, touchscreen, keyboard, mouse, 18 megapixel camera, label printer, 1D/2D barcode scanner, PC i7 (6 GB, RAM 256 GB)

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