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Intelligent Storage System

Increase your capacity by 100% and use 20% less footprint with the ultra flexible and easy to integrate UltraFlex 3600. Owners of the new system will not have to compromise anymore on storage mix because of predefined configurations or expensive customizations, thus optimizing their storage capacity and investment.

  • Simultaneous Extraction and Insertion of up to 54 reels at a time
  • Integration with ERP software and most major pick and place brands
  • Available in three configurations: 7” reels only, 15” reels only or a mix of 7” and 15” reels.
  • ESD Compliant
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Automatically inserts or extracts up to 54 reels at once without any operator intervention. This frees operators to do more valuable work while the ISM3600 collects reels needed for a kit. The ISM3600 is can also collect reels faster than an operator.

Humidity Control Module

Standard humidity control maintains an internal relative humidity of 5% or less*. The Fast Recovery Unit adds further humidity control for higher humidity environments. Auditable records of each reel’s history are automatically maintained, improving accuracy and decreasing error-prone manual recording.

Space Savings

The ISM UltraFlex 3600 has a maximum storage capacity of up to 3,644 7“ reels in an effective area of just 3.6 m². When using 15” reels, the maximum is 906 reels. In a mixed 7” and 15” configuration, a maximum of 1,940 7“ reels as well as 426 15“ reels can be stored in one single system.

Error Elimination → Saves Money

Lost components are a thing of the past. Every reel has a unique ID barcode and is scanned when it’s inserted into any storage system. Kitting errors are also eliminated because the barcode ensures the correct reel is taken. With an ERP interface, data such as remaining quantities and reel locations can be shared to prevent over purchasing.


2,520 x 1,450 x 2,405 mm / width x depth x height

Weight: 1,000kg (excluding cases)


Power Consumption:
*average 0,2 KWh
*max. 0,4 KWh

Power Consumption:
*average 0,4 KWh
*max. 2 KWh (with 12 Humidity Control Units)

Operating System:

Microsoft Windows

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