Intelligent Storage Management

Intelligent Storage Management (ISM)

Increase your capacity to achieve an optimum performance in regards to storage capacity and total size with less footprint.

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ISM3600 Intelligent Storage System

ISM3600 UltraFlex

Increase your capacity by 100% and use 20% less footprint!

ISM3900 Intelligent Storage System

ISM3900 UltraFlex

A real space wonder! Designed as an extension module for the ISM3600 UltraFlex.

ISM500 Intelligent Storage System


An intelligent "pick-to-light" dry storage cabinet for larger or odd form parts that fully integrates with Juki’s other fully automatic towers.

IMS Incoming Material Station

IMS Incoming Material Station

An incoming goods desk with scanner, helps to automate the incoming goods process and boost productivity dramatically.

Automated Material Handling System

Automated Material Handling System

Set of storage towers combined with additional modules to create a fully robotic component storage and delivery system.