RS-1XL | High Speed Compact Modular Mounter


Speed and Flexibility for High Quality Production of any PCB

With maximum speed up to 42,000CPH (Optimum) and 29,000CPH (IPC9850), the RS-1XL is designed for maximum throughput. The RS-1XL supports components from 0201 metric (008004") up to 74mm square and 50mm x 150mm rectangular parts for maximum flexibility.

  • Class Leading Speed up to 29,000CPH (IPC 9850)
  • New Disruptive Technology
  • Wide Component Range
  • Highly Adaptable Design
RS1-XL Model Changes (vs. the RS1 model):
-- Board size is now 650 × 560mm
-- Air consumption is now 200L/min
-- Machine dimensions are now 2,109 × 2,000 × 1,440mm
-- Approx. mass is now 1,850kg

Please see the brochure for complete specifications.

Brochure (PDF) Watch Video
New RF Style Feeder Design

New RF Style Feeder Design

The new RF style feeders are 17% smaller and 50% lighter.
Wide Component Range
Supports Wide Component Range
Build any board from 0402 metric (01005) up to 74mm square and 50mmx150mm rectangular parts for max flexibility.
Highly Adaptable Design
Highly Adaptable Design
Dynamically optimizes line balance for highest throughput
New Head Design
New Head Design
New head design automatically adjusts the centering height based on components placed.
Advanced Laser Centering Technology
Advanced Laser Centering Technology
JUKI's technology is fast, accurate and reliable for a wide range of parts.

Board Size

650 × 560mm

Component Specs

Component Height: 25mm

Component Size:
0402 metric (01005) ~ 74mm square / 50mm x 150mm

Feeder Inputs

Max.112 when using RF feeder (total for front and rear)

Placement Specs

Placement Speed:
29,000CPH (IPC9850)

Placement Accuracy:
±0.035mm (Cpk≧1)

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