FX-3RA | High Speed Modular Mounter


High Speed Modular Mounter

Refined high-speed, high-precision technology.

Developed under JUKI's "3E EVOLUTION" concept, the ever evolving FX series has been redesigned for ease of use, efficiency, cost effectiveness and increased expandability and compatibility. Using new, highly efficient linear servomotors, lightening and stiffening the head unit, and reviewing the placement sequence allow for an effective tact of 0.040 s/chip (90,000 CPH) (optimum conditions).

  • Efficiency
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Increased Expandability and Compatibility
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Four Gantry; 1 Head Per Gantry
Four Gantry; 1 Head Per Gantry
Two Stations - 4Beams - 4Head Configuration
6 Nozzles per Gantry
6 Nozzles per Gantry
A total of 24 nozzles
High Accuracy Laser Align Component Centering
High Accuracy Laser Align Component Centering
On-the-fly Simultaneous Centering using 6-nozzle Multi-laser Head
Quick Change Feeder Trolleys
Quick Change Feeder Trolleys
Compatible with mechanical and electronic feeders.
X-Y Linear Servomotors
X-Y Linear Servomotors
New linear servomotors and full closed-loop control
Electronic Feeder Compatible
Electronic Feeder Compatible
Using electronic double tape feeders enables mounting a max of 240 component types.

Board Size

L Size: 410x360mm

L-Wide Size: 510x360mm

XL Size: 610×560mm

Component Specs

Component Height: 6mm

Component Size:
Laser Recognition:
0402mm(01005 inch)~□33.5mm

Feeder Inputs

Max.240 in case of 8mm tape (on a Electric double tape feeder)

Placement Specs

Placement Speed (chip):
• 0.040Sec./chip(90,000CPH)
• IPC9850: 66,000CPH

Placement Accuracy:
Laser Recognition: ±0.05mm(±3σ)

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