KE-3020 | High Speed Flexible Mounter


High Speed Flexible Mounter

The KE3020 is Juki's latest leading-edge technology for improved flexibility and production quality. It supports both electronic and mechanical tape feeders and can handle boards up to 22" x 24". With its multi-nozzle (six nozzles) laser head, the KE3020 can achieve a rated IPC9850 speed of 17,100CPH and is capable of a component placement range from 01005 (0402 metric) to 74mm2.

  • Improved Flexibility
  • Improved Production Quality
  • Supports Both Electronic & Mechanical Tape Feeders
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Single Gantry
Single Gantry; 1 Head Per Gantry
Ideal for high-mix, high-changeover environments.
6 Nozzles per Gantry
6 Nozzles per Gantry
(plus IC head on 3020V)
Can place 6 components simultaneously and center on the fly.
High Accuracy Low Noise Ball Screw
High Accuracy Low Noise Ball Screw
Drive with Linear Encoders
High Accuracy Laser
High Accuracy Laser
Align Component Centering
Select centering method based on component type, shape, size and material.
High Speed Strobing Vision
High Speed Strobing Vision
Centering System (3020V only)
On-the-fly vision centering increases placement speed by eliminating wasted stops over camera.
Quick Change Feeder Trolleys
Quick Change Feeder Trolleys
Supports both electronic and mechanical feeder trolleys.
Standard PoP Capability
Standard PoP Capability
Package-on-Package assembly is fully supported using either linear or rotary fluxer units.

Board Size

L Models: 14 X 16"
XL Models: 22 X 24"

Long Board Option Available for up-to 800mm wide (L Series) or 1210mm wide (XL Series)

Component Specs

Component Height:

Component Size:
• Laser Recognition:
  01005 (0402 metric)~33.5mm
• Vision Recognition:
  1.0x0.5mm~74mm or 50x150mm

Feeder Inputs

• 80 single 8mm Tape Feeder
• 160 Dual Lane Electronic

Placement Specs

Placement Speed:
• Chip (IPC9850): 17,100CPH
• IP: (MNVC) 5,800CPH
• IP: 2,200CPH

Placement Accuracy:
• Laser Alignment (chip placements)
  (±50µm) at CPK≥1
• High Precision Head
  (vision centering) (±30µm) at CPK≥1
• When using MVNC (±40µm) at CPK≥1

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