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Best Value SMT Line Extensions

Juki’s line solutions portfolio offers a complete solution to handle every aspect of your assembly process. From screen printing and storage management to selective soldering and AOI/SPI systems, we have everything you need to achieve the best value and efficiency possible.

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ISM3600 Intelligent Storage System

ISM3600 UltraFlex

Increase your capacity by 100% and use 20% less footprint!

ISM3900 Intelligent Storage System

ISM3900 UltraFlex

A real space wonder! Designed as an extension module for the ISM3600 UltraFlex.

Fortress | Intelligent Management System

Fortress ISM2000

The largest of the ISM family that guarantees to keep components safe while allowing for easy and intelligent management of component inventory.

Citadel | Intelligent Management System

Citadel ISM1100

Specifically designed to achieve an optimum performance in regards to storage capacity and total size.

Stronghold | Intelligent Management System

Stronghold ISM400

Supports storage needs of the most varied types of components - up to 480 configurable positions.

ISM500 Intelligent Storage System


An intelligent static warehouse with the possiblity of configuring up to 640 different positions.