FlexSolder S3532

FlexSolder S3532

High Speed Stamp Soldering

The FlexSolder S3532 is the new High Speed Stamp Soldering machine. Although new, it is built on years of experience of soldering expertise using the proven Volumetric Stamp Soldering method. If you want to solder like Bosch and other world-wide leaders of PCB manufacturing, then Volumetric Stamp Soldering should be your only choice.

  • High Speed
  • Volumetric Stamp Soldering
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Entire PCB is Fluxed
Entire PCB is Fluxed in 1 Simple,
Fast Precise, Clean Motion
Same high speed advantage of stamp soldering
No Spray or Foam Fluxers
No Spray or Foam Fluxers
No Unwanted Residue
No messy applicators that leave the machine messy
Fluxing Stamps
Fluxing Stamps with Various Size Brushes
Precisely add the flux only where the soldering will take place
Various Lengths & Types of Preheating
Various Lengths & Types of
Preheating Available
A very common type is the Radiant IR with convection
Contour Plate
Contour Plate Ensures Absolute
Flatness of the PCB
Only machine in the world that guarantees that.
Built to Run 24 7
Built to Run
24 Hours/Day, 7 Days/Week
Its heavy steel frame and name brand components ensure reliability, high up-time and great results
Easy & Fast Changover
Easy & Fast Changover
10 Minutes or Less

Cycle Time

As Low as 20 Seconds

Stamp Method

Volumetric Stamp Soldering

Various Size Brushes

Fluxing stamps brushes add flux only where soldering will take place.


3 Stage Pre-Heating with Radiant IR and Convection

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