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ActiveFlow is next step in high volume – high quality production. Like our volumetric soldering stamps, ActiveFlow allows for a higher energy transfer between the tightest component clearances. Circulation and draining of the soldering within our ActiveFlow stamp design are unique. This allows for reduced dross generation while maintaining the Juki standard of consistent, high quality soldering. The ActiveFlow pot assembly drives out of the system allowing for quick and easy maintenance.

The ActiveFlow system is available in our FlexSolder system as well as our iCube system. The iCube ActiveFlow system also allows for the potential for hybrid systems with standard point to point soldering available in the same system as the stamp. This would allow flexibility to run multiples programs without requiring a tooling change.

  • Solderable area up to 400mm x 400mm
  • Quick and accurate tool changes
  • Real-time wave height control
  • Cycle times of less than 30 seconds are easily achievable
ActiveFlow image 1
Image 1
image 1
ActiveFlow image 2
Image 2
image 2
ActiveFlow image 3
Image 3
image 3
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Image 4
image 4
ActiveFlow image 5
Image 5
image 5

Size Specs

L3000mm W1550mm H1310mm
(119" x 61" x 52")

Board Size

Min. 80mm x 50mm (3.1" x 2")
Max. 510mm x 460mm (20" x 18")

Fluxing System

Flux Head:
Micro-Dot Drop-Jet


Bottom Preheat:
Quartz IR emitters

Top (Optional):
Quartz IR to Convection

Topside Maintenance Heat:
Quartz IR to Convection

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