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Best Value SMT Line Extensions

Juki’s line solutions portfolio offers a complete solution to handle every aspect of your assembly process. From screen printing and storage management to selective soldering and AOI/SPI systems, we have everything you need to achieve the best value and efficiency possible.

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G-Titan - Insight into the future

The G-Titan printer from GKG offers Opti-Paste Control (OPC), get ready for lights-out manufacturing!

P-Primo Large Platform SMT Screen Printer

P-Primo Large Platform SMT Screen Printer

The P-Primo Large Platform SMT Screen Printer offers board handling from 100mmx65mm minimum to 850mmx610mm maximum and board thickness of 0.4~8 mm.

GL Plus

GL Plus TUV Fully Automatic Screen Printer

The all-new GL Plus printer offers an adjustable stencil X frame mechanism by a touch of pneumatically operated buttons without using any stencil adapter. The power of continuous improvement...


P-LED Tube PCB Paste Printer

P-LED is the ideal printer that serves long LED Tube PCB up to 1.524m length.


PMAXII Large Format Fully Automatic Screen Printer

The PMAXII Large Format Fully Automatic Screen Printer offers precision and high value that easily achieves a max pcb size of 1220mm (L) x 800mm (W.)


Solder Paste Printer

The RP-1 is a high speed and high precision solder paste printer equipped with "Motion Screen" technology that fixes printing position by moving the screen.


D-Sniper Multi-function High Speed Dispenser

GKG D-Sniper sets a new standard for multi-function, non-contact fluid compact dispenser. Being future proof with i4.0 ready at the lowest cost of ownership, it postulates precision with superior technology.


G-Star Fully Automatic Vision Screen Printer

G-Star is adept at delivering all your business needs. It successfully attains 01005 miniature printing.