RS800 Eight Zone

RS-800 Eight Zone

Hot Air / Nitrogen Reflow Ovens

RS-II Series Lead Free, ECO Friendly Oven Solutions from JUKI.

The RS Ovens Efficient power design and air management system greatly improves energy savings while lowering carbon emissions.

  • Independent Air Velocity Controlling System
  • Cooling Configuration Recycles to reduce Thermal loss
  • Efficient Power Design and Air Management System
  • Every Machine Equipped with Industry Standard Features
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Large Boards Sizes
Large Boards Sizes
Up to 610mm
Longer Heated Length
Longer Heated Length
Compared to Typical Industry Standard
Lower Energy Cost
Lower Energy Cost
Use as Little as 8Kw of Power
Optional Dual Lane Conveyor System
Optional Dual Lane Conveyor System
Conveyor bridge between machine and input/output conveyors
Flux Management System
Flux Management System
Included with N2 Ovens
KIC Autofocus
KIC Autofocus
Very Accurate Starting Profile
N2 Systems
N2 Systems
External Water Chiller Unit Included
Superior Process Control
Superior Process Control
1.5ºC or Less, Zone Separation
Many Standard Features<
Many Standard Features
Automatic Chain Lubrication, Mesh Conveyor, UPS System
Best-In-Class Warranty
Best-In-Class Warranty
3 Years Parts (5 Years Heaters/Blowers)

General Specs

Dimension (LxWxH):
• 460mm Conveyor
  : 5378 x 1320 x 1490mm
• 610mm Conveyor:
   5378 x 1550 x 1490mm

• Air: 2300KG / N2: 2400KG 460mm
   conveyor width
• Air: 3100KG / N2: 3200KG 460mm
   conveyor width

Electric Supply:
3 Phase, 480V 3 phase, 5 wire, 50/60Hz External Transformer (included)

Heating Zones

Number of Heating Zones
Top 8 / Bottom 8


Heating Method:
Full Convection

Cooling Zones

Number of Cooling Zones:
Top 2


Cooling Method:
• Air Oven: Forced Air
• Nitrogen Oven:
   External Water Chiller /
   Air Circulation

Transport System

Conveyor Height:
950mm +/- 20mm

Conveyor Width Range:
• 50mm to 460mm on 460mm
   wide option
• 50mm to 460mm on 610mm
   wide option

Pin and Chain Conveyor

Wire Mesh

Why Juki?

Longest Warranty in the Industry; 3 YEARS PARTS / 1 YEAR LABOR
Largest Support Team in the Americas
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