AXI 5100c

AXI 5100c

X-Ray Component Counter

Accurate component count is vital for inventory management and production efficiency. The AXI 5100c is an automated, fast, accurate component counting machine designed to increase productivity - using micro-focus x-ray technology and a high resolution digital image detector for accurate counting of standard SMT or TH components.

  • Simple Interface/Operation
  • Batch and Inline Configurations
  • Scans components in reels, ESD bags, storage tubes, etc.
  • Adjustable Magnification
  • Auto Location of Reels
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Entire PCB is Fluxed
Simple Interface/Operation
Operation couldn't be simpler - insert the reel and close the door.
No Spray or Foam Fluxers
Accuracy and Repeatability
The AXI 5100c count accuracy is >99% for all supported component types.


1224mm (L) x 1224mm (W) x 1490mm (H)
49" (L) x 49" (W) x 58.5" (H)

Weight: 1300 kg (2886 lbs)

Power: 110-230 VAC 50/60 Hz 1.8 kW

Air: 70-85 psi

Technical: X-Ray

X-Ray Source: Micro-focus, closed tube

Operating Voltage: 90kV

Tube Current: .256mA

Minimum Focal Spot: 5 micron

Technical: Image Detector

Image Dectector: Line Scan

Resolution: 8k

Gray Level: 16 bit (65,536)

Technical: Operation

Reel Sizes: Up to 16"

Minimum Component Size: 01005"

Maximum Reel Size: 16"

Count Accuracy: Avg less than 15 seconds. Can be as low as 7 seconds per reel (7" reel)

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