PWB Visual Inspection Machine (AOI/SPI)

Equipped with a "Clear Vision Capturing System", the RV-1 is capable high-speed and high-precision inspection.

The RV-1 captures super clear images using a large sized ring light and coaxial light and enables easy operation by using a newly developed "Template Mode".

  • High Speed
  • High Precision
  • Super Clear Images
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Clear Vision Capturing System
Clear Vision Capturing System
The World's Top-Class High Performance
0.14 sec/frame Inspection Speed
Easy Programming
Easy Programming
Reduce time spent on preparing inspection programs.
Central Confirmation Control
CCC (Central Confirmation Control) Option
Prevent inconsistent judgments made by several operators.
Statistical Process Control
SPC (Statistical Process Control) Option
Enhances SMT Quality by compiling statistics on the inspection results.
Support 3D Inspection Option
Support 3D Inspection Option
Laser Unit, angle camera and “i-3D" for accurate 3D inspection.

Board Size

Max. 510x590mm

Component Specs

Component Range:
0201 (01005 optional), cylindrical chip, tantalum capacitor, transistor, SOP/QFP, etc.

Inspection Speed

Max. 0.14 seconds per frame


15 μm (standard resolution)
10 μm (high resolution option)

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