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Best Value SMT Line Extensions

Juki’s line solutions portfolio offers a complete solution to handle every aspect of your assembly process. From screen printing and storage management to selective soldering and AOI/SPI systems, we have everything you need to achieve the best value and efficiency possible.

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RV-1 | PWB Visual Inspection Machine (AOI/SPI)

The RV-1 is a PWB visual inspection machine equipped with a "Clear Vision Capturing System" capable of high-speed and high-precision inspection.


RV-2 | PWB Visual Inspection Machine (AOI/SPI)

Inline type high-speed and high-precision board inspection machine that can be used in a wide variety of inspection processes.



The new outstanding high-speed and high-precision board inspection RV-2-3DH is equipped with a new 12 Megapixel camera achieving the highest throughput.