IFS-NX | Intelligent Feeder System


Intelligent Feeder System

IS/IFS-NX raises production preparation, scheduling, quality and monitoring to a new level by combining several related functions into one comprehensive software package. Additionally, the IS/IFS-NX provides users with the packaged software according to the occupational description.

  • Intelligent Feed System Utilizing RFID Technology to Identify Each Feeder
  • Fast, Error-Free Setup
  • Compatible with Mechanical and Electronic Feeders
  • Reporting Functions
Brochure (PDF)
Parts Verification
Parts Verification
Prevents the unauthorized use of MSD components
Offline Setup Function
Offline Setup Function
Offline Setup of Clustered Files
Component Inventory Control
Component Inventory Control
Feeder location search
Management of Feeder Maintenance History
Management of Feeder Maintenance History
Records and manages feeder maintenance and inspection history (option)
Electronic Feeder
Electronic Feeder
Feeder with RFID recognition function
Mechanical Feeder
Mechanical Feeder
Moisture Sensitive Device Handling
Moisture Sensitive Device Handling
Display of Traceability Information
Collection, Search & Display of Traceability Information (option)


• PWB Barcode up to 250 Characters
• Manual Barcode Entry:
Type in PCB barcode if reader fails
• Barcode Format Definition

Feeder Setup

• Random Feeder Setup:
(Feeder Anywhere) By machine or by line (requires IS 8.xx)
• Feeder Remaining Quantity Adjust

Floor Activity Tracking

• Parts Verification
• Component Inventory Control
• Feeder Location Search
• Random Feeder Setup

MSD Control

• Prevents the unauthorized use of MSD components

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