Quick Guide: NEPCON China 2015


What is NEPCON China?

  • A key event that the entire electronics manufacturing industry pays attention to.  This year, the exhibition will take place at Shanghai New International Expo Center (Hall 1) from April 21-23. NEPCON China 2015 will gather 500 exhibitors from 22 countries and regions. The key industry event will feature cutting-edge SMT technologies, products and solutions. Based in East China, and covering the whole country, NEPCON has seen many industry milestones. In 2015, numerous leading electronics makers will come to serve 21,000+ trade visitors and high-quality buyers, who will join the show to share industry concepts, keep pace diverse market needs and provide insights for future industry development.

What is NEPCON doing for the industry?

  • This type of automation ushers in the future and contributes to industry transformation. For a country, automation of electronic assembly signifies strength in electronics manufacturing. Today, China has surpassed the US in electronics production activities. China is also a leading SMT application nation, with large-scale electronics makers like Foxconn with manufacturing bases there. However, many Chinese electronics makers are technological followers, lacking innovation and competitive strength. They often face tremendous challenges in terms of new materials and processing technology applications. NEPCON China 2015 focuses on manufacturing automated electronics, applying new materials and helping to change the traditional image of the Chinese industry. Within the industry is the staunch belief that cutting labor costs and raising automation levels is the main way to upgrade, in order to support SMT development, and drive smart and flexible processes. Processing, manufacturing, building, assembly, systematic connection, test and measurement: each stage greatly relies on automation equipment. NEPCON features highly flexible automation technology that supports electronics manufacturing while meeting customer demands for complex design that requires precision and standard compliance. In short, NEPCON China 2015 provides a one-stop service platform for all demand.

What will NEPCON have on display?

  • As the biggest, longest-standing and most influential industry event, NEPCON China enjoys a big following. The three-day event will display the leading exhibitors’ equipment, including printers from ASM, Panasonic, Speedline and Desen; coating equipment from Nordson, Tengsheng, and Axxonauto; welding equipment from ERSA、BTU、HELLER、Nitto Denko, and Folungwin; SMT equipment from Fuji, JUKI, Panasonic, Samsung, and MYCRONIC; AOI test equipment from Omron, Saki, TRI, Jutze, and Hollytek; X-Ray equipment from Shimadzu, Scienscope, and DAGE; and refurbish stations from ERSA, OK International, and Quick. The products on display will include SMT, surface welding, electronic measurement, electronics manufacturing automation, and other top international technologies. The event will be particularly strong in cutting-edge processing technologies involving mounting, welding, test and measurement, and automated assembly. Covering an exhibition area of 25,000 sqm, NEPCON China 2015, a one-stop service center, will feature new concepts and products, answering the call from Chinese electronics makers for better development solutions. The prevalence of cutting edge design and industry elites are why NEPCON China is regarded as the No. 1 event in the electronics manufacturing industry.

What kind of activities will NEPCON offer?

  • NEPCON will have new material forums which will help explain development trends. Apart from electronics manufacturing equipment, materials upgrading will be another event highlight. According to the exhibition organizers, new materials are often precursors to hi-tech development.  Today, new materials are one of the most active and fastest-growing fields in electronics manufacturing. With higher customer demand for form factor, performance and environment friendliness, electronics products must conform to strict criteria in terms of green compliance, high density and reliability.  In turn, this puts pressure on raw materials. Efficient, low cost, safe, green materials are the foundation of industry growth. An Electronics Materials Forum will be held alongside NEPCON for the first time this year.  This seminar will discuss how electronics materials can meet market needs, industry demands, and human requirements, as they inject new momentum into the industry. The forum will gather leading experts who will exchange in-depth with peers about new materials and the opportunities for the future industry.  In the forum, exhibitors, experts and visitors will examine the power of innovation.

Other perks gained from attending NEPCON? 

  • NEPCON China 2015 offers huge business opportunities. Trade visitors will enter a whole new world of electronics manufacturing, catching up with the latest development of brand names and industry concepts. Exhibitors and visitors alike will boost their competitiveness by taking part and extending their market coverage. This is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss.

How NEPCON China 2015 Visitors Can Pre-Register

  • By SMS: Text “CNH + name + company name” to 106 900 297 333 to register for NEPCON China 2015 and to receive exhibition updates
  • By Telephone: Call our visitor hotline From within China: 4006505611 or 010-57631818; International: From outside China +86-21-2231-7011
  • Follow us online! Official Weibo ID: NEPCONChina; Official WeChat ID: NEPCON_CHINA
  • NEPCON China 2015   For more information, please visit: www.nepconchina.com
  • NEPCON South China 2015  For more information, please visit: www.nepconsouthchina.com


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