Bill Astle Promoted to President of Juki

Juki Corporation (Tama Center – Tokyo, Japan) and Juki Automation Systems (Morrisville, NC) are pleased to announce that William D. (Bill) Astle has been promoted to President of Juki Automation Systems, Inc. effective immediately. Bill has been serving as General Manager of JAS for the last three years. Robert J Black, Jr., former President and CEO, will remain with the company as CEO.

Bill Astle, Juki’s new President with over 30 years of experience in the electronics production field, Mr. Astle is a solid choice as the new leader of the company. Prior to his time with Juki he was General Manager of Koh Young USA and Product Manager for Agilent Technologies.


Juki CEO Bob Black making announcement at IPC APEX Expo 2017 in San Diego, CA


“I can think of no one more qualified than Bill to follow me as President of Juki,” commented Bob Black. “His extensive experience in our industry and outstanding work ethic will allow him to guide our company to new heights. All of us at JAS are excited about this move.”

Bill Astle IPC APEX EXPO 2017

Juki’s new President Bill Astle at IPC APEX Expo 2017 in San Diego, CA



“I couldn’t be more excited to become President and help lead the continued success of Juki Automation Systems,” added Bill. “Juki has been a great innovator and respected market leader for many years in the SMT market. With Bob’s great leadership, we have reached a stage where we are truly one of the world’s leading SMT solutions providers. Going forward, we will continue our forward design thinking. We’re inspired by our customers’ desires, and plan on delivering revolutionary new products in automation to meet their evolving needs. In addition, Juki has always been given accolades for outstanding support. This tradition of providing the best customer experience possible will continue as we expand our line solutions portfolio.”

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Juki Automation Systems to Demo Its New X-ray Component Counter, Selective Solder, Placement, and SPI Systems at APEX

Juki will exhibit in Booth #2433 at the 2017 IPC APEX EXPO, scheduled to take place Feb. 14-16, 2017 at the San Diego Convention Center in Calif. The company plans to show several new products, including the AXI5100c inline X-ray component counter, SE600 SPI, RS- 1 Placement Machine, and modular selective solder system.

Juki AX1500cAXI5100c Inline X-Ray Component Counter

The AXI5100c is capable of counting the latest 03015s as well as (4) 7″ or (1) 15″ reels of various thicknesses. In addition to counting reels, the AXI5100c also can count components in ESD bags, storage sticks, and trays. The AXI5100c is a fully automated inline system that can handle loading and unloading of components using various conveyors, loaders/unloaders and even robots. The key advantage of the inline counter is the ability to communicate directly with the JUKI ISM component storage towers offering complete and confident automation of component inventory.

SE600™ 3D SPI System

The SE600™ 3D SPI system delivers ‘true’ volume measurement and world-class usability. Designed with a state-of-the-art dual illumination sensor, it offers the best repeatability and reproducibility – even on the smallest paste deposits. The award-winning software offers full touch screen capability and world-class user experience for easy, flawless inspection.

RS-1 Placement Machine

The mid-speed RS-1 features one multi-function head New Head – the LNC120 with a 12mm pitch and eight nozzles as well as a diffuser for vision. The LNC-120 head laser moves up and down depending on component height, resulting in the highest CPH regardless of component height. Combined with the “new” RF electronic feeders, the system has an optimal throughput of 40,000CPH. With new odd-form recognition technology, the RS-1 provides easy data entry for odd-form parts.

RV-2 PWB Visual Inspection Machine (AOI/SPI)

The RV-2 PWB Visual Inspection Machine (AOI/SPI) offers many benefits, including space-saving and compact single-lane inspection. The high-speed head unit features 3D projectors in four directions and a 2D high-speed color camera (160FPS 160 images/sec). The Juki proprietary designs provides reduced image capturing time and reduced image processing time along with 34 faster inspection time compared to other systems (0.41sec/FOV).

The Modular Selective Solder system is designed to be more easily retrofit-able to existing configurations than competition with limited downtime at install with very minor additional training or program modification to be back running production within 2-3 days. Additionally, it is designed to exceed the competition in maintainability from ease of access and with future improvements/upgrades to exceed the competition in all areas.

Storage Solution MachineIn addition to the new product introductions, Juki will demonstrate the ISM UltraFlex 3600 Storage Tower, JM-20 Hybrid Through-Hole system, GL Plus Fully Automatic Screen Printer, RS-600 Air Reflow Oven, and KE3020 and RX-6 placement machines.

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PNC Inc. Invests in 2 Pick-and-Place Machines from Juki

PNC Inc. recently purchased two pick-and-place machines from Juki—the KE-3020VXL and the KE-3010XL.

“2017 is going to be a year of significant investments and improvements,” said PNC President Sam Sangani. “These equipment acquisitions are just the beginning.”

ke3010 high speed flexible mounterBoth of the machines have extensive capabilities including accepting boards up to 22” x 24” and supporting both electronic and mechanical tape feeders. The KE-3020VXL and the KE-3010XL can hold up to 160 8mm feeders making them capable of handling a high number of placements to reduce changeovers. They can also place a component as small as 01005. A 6-nozzle laser head capable of achieving an IPC9850 speed of 17,100 CPH will cut down even further on PNC’s remarkably short turnaround. Additionally, the laser-guided component centering feature allows for unprecedented precision.

“We’re not only investing in our future, but our customers’ future, by supplying them with the highest quality product, at the most favorable price,” Sangani said. “We continually strive to show our customers how committed we are to our Mission Statement of continuous improvement.”

About PNC Inc.

PNC Inc. is located in Nutley, NJ and is one of the country’s leading providers of rigid, rigid-flex and flex PCBs and the largest of their kind in the region. After adopting the Total Concept philosophy, PNC is now able to provide customers with PCB design, fabrication and assembly solutions all under one roof. They are a one-stop shop for all things related to PC boards. They are continuously expanding their extensive list of state-of-the-art equipment while maintaining a focus on energy and cost efficiency in order to provide the best product at the best price possible. Learn more at

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2017 Training Courses

Here at Juki, our most important goal is the relationship with our customers.

Once a machine has been purchased, we follow up with FREE training for life. After all, we offer the Lowest Cost of Ownership. This added benefit provides customers with peace of mind and support from the largest support team in the Americas. Did you know we include FREE phone support and software upgrades for life?

Training Schedule Always Available

If you are a new or existing customer, we wanted to remind you about our training schedule. The schedule is updated often with new classes and changes. You can find all upcoming scheduled classes for the entire year on our website’s Training page. Click on the “Training Schedule PDF” button to download the document.

Examples of Courses Available: FX-3/KE3000 Series Programming and Operations Course, JM Series Operation and Service Course, RX-6 Series Programming and Operations Course, plus many others!

Online Training Registration

Along with a list of the training centers and course listings, you can also register for courses online. Be sure to have your machine information and requested course information readily available to enter in the form. As a reminder, you must register online at least 30 days prior to the course start date. Our training sessions are small in size in order to maintain effective training. If a course is full, you have the option of being placed on a waiting list or registering for the next available course.

Training Locations

All training courses are held in Morrisville, North Carolina at our headquarter location or at our Fremont, California location.

We also offer customized training for individual customers either on site or in one of our offices.

For questions or help getting started, contact our Training Administrator, Vicki Heilig at our North Carolina headquarters office.

We look forward to training with you in 2017!

Next Upcoming Courses:

January 17-20, 2017 – “IS Solutions Utilization Course” (NC)

January 24-27, 2017 – “GKG Printer Operation and Service Course” (CA)


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