SMT Placement for ICs, Connectors and OddShaped Components

Camera based centering systems include three main elements: lighting, camera, and software. Each of these elements are critical to obtaining an accurate measurement of the component and ultimately for accurate component placement on the PCB. As the old adage goes, the system is only as strong as its weakest link.



Linear Fluxer from Juki

The linear fluxer is a peripheral module that can be used for flip chip placement or PoP applications on the JukiKE2060, KE2080 and KE3020 flexible placement machines. (more…)


Juki announces a long term exclusive cooperation and distribution agreement.

Juki Automation Systems, Inc., the leading supplier of SMT Pick and Place Systems in North America announces that they have signed a long term exclusive cooperation and distribution agreement with Shenzhen JT Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen, China and its sales arm JT Universal Pte Ltd. of Singapore.  The agreement covers the development, customization, and sales of JT Reflow Ovens, Wave Solder Machines, and accessories in the Americas.  It also foresees the development of additional products in the future. (more…)