Optimize for Fast Placement and High Accuracy with One Machine: RS-1

The all new RS-1 adaptive mounter offers the most flexible solution for fast placement and high accuracy without any head changes.

rs-1 placement machineNow with 8 vacuum nozzles, the RS-1 can dynamically adapt to part height and become a chip shooter for small parts or achieve high accuracy as an IC placement machine. This disruptive technology means you are able to optimize your line without any head changes and can achieve an optimal throughput of 40,000 components per hour (CPH) or 26,000 components per hour (IPC).

With the fast, smart and modular RS-1, you are ready to connect to Internet 4.0 and it comes standard with Feeder Intelligence.  It can accommodate up to 112 8mm feeders.

Watch Juki’s President Bill Astle present the RS-1’s newest features and benefits:

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This video is also available for watching in Spanish, presented by Juki’s Jose Rodriguez:

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Introducing the World’s First Pass Through Automated X-Ray Counter for Parts – AXI 5100c

x-ray component counterCount all parts on your reels – 7 inch, 13 inch, any size reels, including matrix trays, BGAs and even the balls on the BGAs.

Accurate component count is vital for inventory management and production efficiency. The AXI 5100c X-Ray Component Counter  is an automated, fast, accurate component counting machine designed to increase productivity – using micro-focus x-ray technology and a high resolution digital image detector for accurate counting of standard SMT or TH components.

Use the trays from our Intelligent Storage Management System, count all the parts and automate up to 27 trays at one time from stack to stack. This reduces manual counting by up to 90% and increases reliability and accuracy of the count by up to 95% as well.

  • Simple Interface/Operation
  • Batch and Inline Configurations
  • Adjustable Magnification
  • Auto Location of Reels

Watch Juki President, Bill Astle present the AXI 5100c in our latest video:

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All New RV-2 3D System is the First of its Kind

visual inspection machineRunning at approximately 25-80 cm²/sec, the all new RV-2 3D system is one of the only AOI systems that can measure placement of LEDs relative to tooling holes on circuit boards and relative to each other.

The RV-2 3D system incorporates DLP technology to not only measure in 2D but also the height of components, features of components, lifted leads, solder joints, which will give you a much better fall accuracy and overall reliability of inspection.

This machine will run at approximately 25-80 cm²/second, and you can adjust the field of view through the software.

We have two modes of programming, one is through a template mode where you leverage a library and a second mode that allows full flexibility to make custom algorithms and explain the math involved in measuring – for example LEDs relative to each other. It can inspect the accuracy of the alignment of LEDs which is the first of its kind in the world that can do that.

Watch the video below to hear Juki’s President Bill Astle unveil its capabilities and new features:

This video is also available in Spanish presented by Jose Rodriguez:

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iCube eXpansion Module Can Double Your Throughput

The all new iCube eXpansion Module from Juki can solder 3 or 4 boards at a time in parallel and doubles throughput.

High quality, flexibility and reliabilty offered in a complete all-in-one package is what you get with the inline iCube Selective Soldering System. Feature rich and designed for high-end production, the iCube is the answer to all of your soldering needs. Now with the addition of the eXpansion module, you can quickly change nozzles, single nozzles or double nozzles.

The second expansion module is identical to the first two solder pots in that it has the process camera. You can add dual process cameras and dual wire feeders so that it will automatically feed the solder pots.

We are excited to offer this upgrade to our already flexible selective soldering system with even more great features that result in doubled throughput.

Watch the latest video update on this new feature, presented by Bill Astle, President of Juki.

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