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ControlTekFounded in 1971, ControlTek’s electronic manufacturing and design engineering services continue to evolve to meet the needs of a broad customer base. Ideally optimized to provide SMT manufacturing with high accuracy placement and on-the-fly line adjustments, ControlTek offers high mix, low volume manufacturing services for Medical, Aerospace and Defense (ASD), Consumer, and Industrial markets. ControlTek is one of the leading contract manufacturers in the state of Washington and takes great pride in solving the needs of their customers on a daily basis.

“ControlTek has long considered Juki an essential partner due to the quality and precision of JUKI products and the level of customer support the company provides throughout the installation process and beyond. When we decided to upgrade our SMT equipment to further improve our speed and precision, we were confident JUKI was the right choice to meet our needs so we can continue to make our customers successful.” – Andy LaFrazia, ControlTek President

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VirTex Invests for the Future with their Latest Purchase, a JUKI FX-3 Placer

virtexFor Super High-Speed Mounting

Electronics Manufacturing Service provider (EMS) VirTex, is known in the market for its ongoing investment in resources, whether that be talent or technology. Brad Heath, CEO, and Owner is delighted to share the news of their latest acquisition, a Juki FX-3 Speed Placer.

Facility Focus

VirTex has three facilities, two in the United States (Texas and Wisconsin) and another in Mexico. With three facilities in North America, VirTex believes that it can offer the best of both worlds in terms of local and low-cost manufacturing. Their new equipment will be situated within their Wisconsin facility, which is an impressive 60,000 sq. ft. manufacturing site and home to six SMT lines. With over 30 years of specialist focus and certified accreditation to meet the exacting needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), with complex and highly diversified production requirements within the automotive aerospace & defense, industrial and medical markets.

Flexibility & Reliability

Mr. Upinder Singh, Vice President and General Manager of the VirTex facility in Wisconsin stated;

“We believe in Juki and, as a company, they support our ‘Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)’ vision. When you buy Juki, you know that you are buying reliability and a quality which is complemented and supported by the highest level of customer service.” “At VirTex we pride ourselves on being our OEM customers trusted technology partner, and as such, we know that Juki and their products are a good fit for VirTex and bring valued brand synergy.”

The Need for Speed

In today’s faced-paced electronics environment where time-to-market matters, the Juki FX 3 Speed Placer provides VirTex with upgraded swiftness, which enables VirTex to increase capacity, in line with future demand. The Juki FX-3 Speed Placer, for high-speed, high-accuracy mounting down to very small parts and an ultra-flexible performance.

Bob Black, CEO of Juki Automation Systems commented;

“We are pleased that our long-time customer VirTex has added our FX-3 high speed placement system in their Wisconsin facility. While this system will increase placement volumes, it also is quite flexible in both component range and in change-over time from job to job. This will allow VirTex to increase their throughput, while not losing the flexibility to handle a wide variety of projects. With the high up-time and durability of this system, VirTex can count on high productivity for many years to come. We thank them for our many years of partnership, and look forward to many more.”

VirTex Enterprises, LP, 12234 North IH-35, Bldg A, Austin, TX 78753 | Main: (512) 835-6772 | |

About VirTex

VirTex is a trusted technology partner that provides strategic Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) to Original Equipment Makers (OEMs). VirTex increases the competitive position of customers’ products with a smart and simplified regional supply chain solution across the production lifecycle, by focusing on and reflecting their customer’s vision.

Through harnessing their local and regional manufacturing solutions, customers become more competitive, by bringing their products to the market faster and at lower costs and adding value through highly skilled and integrated design, manufacturing and distribution services.

With over 30 years of experience, VirTex is known in the industry for commitment to quality, flexibility, compliance to regulatory requirements and avoiding setbacks and delays. Customers trust their products to the responsiveness and ingenuity of their trusted partner, VirTex.

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Juki Enables Connect Tech’s “Exact Fit” Solutions

By Dan Banks, Technology Lead — Manufacturing Operations, Connect Tech

When off-the-shelf products are not an option, a nimble engineering team steps in. A designer and manufacturer
of computer interface products, Connect Tech specializes in providing these “exact fit” solutions for a wide range of industries. The company continues to build a reputation for manufacturing high-performance, rugged, small form factor solutions.

Connect Tech’s products support a wide variety of industry standards, including COM Express®, SMARC, Qseven, 3U
VPX, and PC/104. Peripheral solutions include managed gigabit and 10Gb Ethernet switches, NVIDIA® GPU solutions, digital and analog I/O, CAN controllers, multiport serial, FPGA, adapters, and power supplies.

Building Customer Relationships

“It is Connect Tech’s goal to continue this tradition in the future development of innovative communication solutions and to exceed the expectations of our customers,” says David J. Worthen, P.Eng, president of Connect Tech. “With more than 30 years of experience, the innovative spirit is still strong, ensuring that the company maintains its well-earned reputation for delivering reliable, high-quality products.”

Connect Tech

Connect Tech’s production floor in Guelph, Ontario, Canada

This mission to provide adaptive, cost-effective solutions is built on the company’s expertise in the design and manufacture of embedded technology hardware. However, innovative design is only part of the Connect Tech solution. The company is grounded in the belief that customer satisfaction is as important as quality products.

The company works to build solid relationships with customers by providing support, an excellent warranty, and by partnering with customers to ensure that individual communication requirements are met. Its commitment is to customer satisfaction through fair and ethical relationships with employees, suppliers and customers.

System integrators, engineers and researchers at OEMs and ODMs worldwide choose the company’s communications
products based on their performance, flexibility, quality, and reliability. Connect Tech’s products are suited for a variety of industries, including communications, industrial automation, transportation, government, military and defense, and R&D.

Partnership with Juki

To build quality products, it is crucial that the company choose the best equipment partners. When it came time to upgrade its production floor in 2013, Connect Tech looked to Juki Automation Systems and ran a simulation of most of its products to determine which feeder capacity would best fit its needs, and compared the results with competition.

“Juki did very well here, being able to run the majority of our then-current products on one placement machine,” says Worthen. “As our product line grew to be more complex, we added the second machine to increase speed and capacity. In our initial demo, the software was easy to use and to understand.”

In addition to the successful product simulation, Connect Tech chose Juki systems over the competition for their high levels of support, machine quality, price point, intuitive software, and evidence of long machine life. Based on customer references, as well as firsthand experience, the Connect Tech team visited a location that ran three generations of Juki placement machines daily, using the same feeders and software. Juki offered a comprehensive and long warranty, and its machine capabilities were advanced enough to meet Connect Tech’s needs.

Connect Tech

Bringing assembly in-house has allowed the company to expand its product lines.

“We wanted a balance of speed, feeder capacity and changeover speed,” says Worthen. Juki exceeded the company’s expectations, prompting Connect Tech to purchase a Juki GKG GL stencil printer, along with the KE2070 and KE1080 placement machines. Worthen adds that Juki commits significant time to training and machine bring-up on purchase, replacement parts ship quickly under the warranty and the company responds quickly to questions.

At the end of 2016, Connect Tech expanded with a second line, and acquired more equipment from Juki, including the KE3010 and KE3020 placement machines. The company also purchased a Juki CUBE selective soldering machine. Connect Tech’s original line has been in operation every day since it was installed more than four years ago. It has allowed the company to significantly expand its product line, as well as to prototype quickly and meet fast-turn requirements from customers. As a result of bringing assembly inhouse, the company has been able to successfully bid on jobs with shorter deadlines than it could in the past.

The addition of the second production line allows the company to better serve its customers with shorter lead times, not only for new products and prototypes, but also for standard products that can now run in larger volumes and be available to ship. An unexpected benefit has been the growth of the company’s custom product business.

“By combining the growth of our design team with our own assembly capabilities, we have become a more attractive option,” says Worthen.

The company’s goal is to ensure it has as many solutions as customers have connectivity requirements. To meet these needs, Connect Tech offers a large selection of solutions. If a customer cannot find something to meet specific application requirements, the company’s inhouse team of engineers works to develop a custom solution.

“Connect Tech has been greatly aided by bringing SMT assembly inhouse, and we selected Juki to be a part of that,” concludes Worthen. “The process has allowed us to greatly improve our flexibility, time-to-market with new products and standard lead times.”

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Optimize for Fast Placement and High Accuracy with One Machine: RS-1

The all new RS-1 adaptive mounter offers the most flexible solution for fast placement and high accuracy without any head changes.

rs-1 placement machineNow with 8 vacuum nozzles, the RS-1 can dynamically adapt to part height and become a chip shooter for small parts or achieve high accuracy as an IC placement machine. This disruptive technology means you are able to optimize your line without any head changes and can achieve an optimal throughput of 40,000 components per hour (CPH) or 26,000 components per hour (IPC).

With the fast, smart and modular RS-1, you are ready to connect to Internet 4.0 and it comes standard with Feeder Intelligence.  It can accommodate up to 112 8mm feeders.

Watch Juki’s President Bill Astle present the RS-1’s newest features and benefits:

En Español

This video is also available for watching in Spanish, presented by Juki’s Jose Rodriguez:

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