Optimize for Fast Placement and High Accuracy with One Machine: RS-1

The all new RS-1 adaptive mounter offers the most flexible solution for fast placement and high accuracy without any head changes.

rs-1 placement machineNow with 8 vacuum nozzles, the RS-1 can dynamically adapt to part height and become a chip shooter for small parts or achieve high accuracy as an IC placement machine. This disruptive technology means you are able to optimize your line without any head changes and can achieve an optimal throughput of 40,000 components per hour (CPH) or 26,000 components per hour (IPC).

With the fast, smart and modular RS-1, you are ready to connect to Internet 4.0 and it comes standard with Feeder Intelligence.  It can accommodate up to 112 8mm feeders.

Watch Juki’s President Bill Astle present the RS-1’s newest features and benefits:

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This video is also available for watching in Spanish, presented by Juki’s Jose Rodriguez:

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