NRI Electronics Inc. Strengthens Its Capabilities with a Juki Mounter and Tray Changer

Juki Automation Systems, a world-leading provider of automated assembly products and systems and part of Juki Corporation, announces that NRI Electronics Inc. has acquired a KE-2080EN High-Speed Flexible Mounter and TR-6DER Matrix Tray Changer. The new placement machine and tray changer better enable NRI to provide world-class electronics manufacturing services (EMS) to the defense, aviation, medical, industrial, and communication markets from its Anoka, MN plant.

Brian Benda, Corporate Director of Operations and Garry Deacon, Process Engineer at NRI Electronics Inc.

Brian Benda, Corporate Director of Operations and Garry Deacon, Process Engineer at NRI Electronics Inc.

The KE-2080 is Juki’s sixth generation modular assembly system, featuring the new LNC60 high resolution laser for on-the-fly laser centering which results in high-speed, high accurate placement. The system has a six nozzle head with a placement range from 01005 (0402 metric) to 33.5 mm2 and a rated IPC9860 speed of 15,400 CPH.

For the best results in repeatability, accuracy, and reliability, all Juki machines employ the LNC60 optical centering laser that is built into the head to easily measure components while moving from the pick to the placement site. This eliminates the need to move to a stationary or line scan camera, creating a very efficient method of component measurement centering. The LNC60 is not affected by the color of a part and can easily transfer a part profile back to the database. Other important features of the LNC60 optical centering laser include the ability to detect the exact height of the nozzle tip, bent nozzle detection, and a tombstone pick check. Additionally, the laser ensures that a component is present before placement and that the component has been placed successfully.

The TR-6DER is a side-mount matrix tray changer that offers up to 15 tray magazines for maximum feeding capacity. The TR6 presents parts two at a time on an automated shuttle arm. Additionally, the TR6 offers a front inspection conveyor with automatic inspection capabilities.

“We just took a huge step forward in our process capability and capacity by buying this new equipment,” said Garry Deacon, Process Engineer, NRI Electronics Inc.

“The Juki KE-2080EN High-Speed Flexible Mounter and TR-6DER Matrix Tray Changer give NRI the ability to assist customers from both smaller start-up quantities to large volume “high-speed” production quantities. NRI grows with you,” said Brian Benda Corporate Director of Operations, NRI Electronics Inc.

NRI Electronics is a woman-owned EMS supplier specializing in printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), custom harness assembly and electro-mechanical manufacturing. NRI’s facilities are RoHS compliant, and the company adheres to the IPC-610 & IPC-620 Class 2 & 3 standards and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. For more information, visit