Introducing the World’s First Pass Through Automated X-Ray Counter for Parts – AXI 5100c

x-ray component counterCount all parts on your reels – 7 inch, 13 inch, any size reels, including matrix trays, BGAs and even the balls on the BGAs.

Accurate component count is vital for inventory management and production efficiency. The AXI 5100c X-Ray Component Counter  is an automated, fast, accurate component counting machine designed to increase productivity – using micro-focus x-ray technology and a high resolution digital image detector for accurate counting of standard SMT or TH components.

Use the trays from our Intelligent Storage Management System, count all the parts and automate up to 27 trays at one time from stack to stack. This reduces manual counting by up to 90% and increases reliability and accuracy of the count by up to 95% as well.

  • Simple Interface/Operation
  • Batch and Inline Configurations
  • Adjustable Magnification
  • Auto Location of Reels

Watch Juki President, Bill Astle present the AXI 5100c in our latest video:

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