Exclusive SPI-to-Screen Printer Bundle Closed Loop Package

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State-of-the-art GL Plus Screen Printer coupled with a CyberOptics SE500-II™ In-Line 3D SPI System

This amazing duo with increase 1st pass yields by automatically correcting the XY registration on the Screen Printer with measurements off the SPI system.

GL-Plus Screen PrinterJuki GL Plus Screen Printer

The all-new GL Plus printer offers advanced performance and enhanced value. Capable of reaching a process alignment of 2 Cpk@ ±25 microns 6 sigma, a 2 minute product changeover time, and a new product set up time in 10 minutes, the GL Plus is fast, flexible and precise. The power of continuous improvement…

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SE500-II In-Line 3D SPI SystemCyberOptics SE500-II™ 3D SPI System

SE500-II™ delivers best performance at an affordable price. Equipped with a sensor that is exclusively designed and built by CyberOptics, SE500-II™ comes with an assurance of no machine-to-machine variation. Plus, there is no drift, no parts to wear and absolutely no recalibration needed. The unique ‘all-in-one’ scan sequence enables up to 30% cycle time improvement by merging fiducials, barcodes and raster scans into a single scanning sequence.

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