All New RX-6R/RX-6B is Here

Juki’s already reliable technology has evolved to an all new level!


Juki Modular Mounter RX-6RThe RX-6R/RX-6B offers high productivity, flexibility and quality – in a compact footprint.


  • Compact Footprint: the width is just 1.25 m
  • New head design results in increased placement speed from previous model.
  • Replaceable heads allow you to configure a production line best suited to the current requirements.
  • High-speed component placement using high-speed non-stop vision recognition
  • Wide range of components and boards: tall components, large components and large boards.


Juki’s latest modular mounter combines high productivity, flexibility and quality.

Achieve High Quality

  • Prevention of defective PWBs and rapid analysis of the cause and corrective action. (An optional placement monitor is available.)
  • Reduce errors due to solder paste alignment (Optional)
  • Incorrect component prevention (Component Verification System (CVS)) (Optional)


Achieve High Productivity

  • Machine construction for high-speed component placement and small-footprint design (Chip component placement speed up to 29,000 CPH (IPC9850))
  • Vision recognition technology for high-speed component placement (IC component placement speed up to 14,000 CPH (MNVC))
  • This is applicable to dual-lane production
  • Introducing new space saving design TR8S matrix tray server


Achieve High Flexibility

  • Wide component range
  • Flexibility by changing the head unit
  • PoP (Package on Package) support
  • Easy load control
  • Large PWB support


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